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Thank you for considering the 2024 Garrod Symposium.


This year's event will be held at the Delta Ottawa City Centre, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. 

Accredited for up to 14.25 MOC Section 1 hours.

Target Audience

Physicians, Laboratorians, Researchers, Registered Nurses, Genetic Counsellors, Registered Dietitians, Clinical Specialists, Laboratory Technicians and Trainees.

Target Audience

Anticipated 2024 Attendance

At the 2024 Garrod Symposium, we are planning for:

  • An in-person meeting with opportunities to interact with attendees. 

  • 150–175 delegates from mostly across Canada and the United States. 

  • We expect the delegates to be physicians, laboratorians, genetic counsellors, registered dietitians, researchers, clinical specialists, trainees, other health professionals and industry.

  • A focus on the future of metabolic medicine: emerging and disruptive practices in the laboratory and clinic.

Delta hotel image front of building


Hotel and Meeting Space

Delta Ottawa City Centre

101 Lyon Street North

Ottawa, ON, K1R 5T9

Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives

By the end of this activity, participants will be able to:

  • Identify new developments in newborn screening. 

  • Recognize the challenges that adults with Inherited Metabolic Diseases face in the care system. 

  • Discuss new diagnostic approaches emerging for the diagnosis of Inherited Metabolic Diseases.

  • Discuss progress and new approaches to improve the care of patients with Inherited Metabolic Diseases.



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